HelloFresh – 3 Days, 3 Meals

My cousin subscribed to HelloFresh and sent me a discount code for $40. With that code, I could get 3 meals for 2 people for $20. Great deal right? 

I decided to give it a try and see how it goes. As most of you know, I am a picky eater so of course the meals I picked were pretty normal. Below are my results. Settle in folks, I have a lot to say!

Monday: Meal 1 – Pork Chops with a Cherry Drizzle

I have actually never eaten a pork chop until this meal. I have had a pork loin and I wasn’t a fan. I wanted to try something new without getting too crazy so this was my best option. I now like pork chops! 

The Cherry drizzle, although a bit sweet, was very good! Yes that is couscous and no I don’t think I want to eat it ever again. I also learned I didn’t cook it properly so maybe it deserves a second chance, but not anytime soon! 

Tuesday: Meal 2 – Sausage Bolognese

For a girl who doesn’t love a lot of sauce, loved this sauce! I also took some for lunch the next day and it was still very delicious. I also learned carrots are in bolognese sauce. Weird. I could have done without the sausage, but I’m not always a sausage fan so this isn’t surprising to me. 

Wednesday: Meal 3 – Oven Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

I saved this one for the last day because I wasn’t excited about it. I don’t love vegetables and guess which ones were included in this meal! Yes those are brussel sprouts! I ate one and decided that was enough. If you have never had one, it’s like cauliflower and broccoli for married and wore lettuce. The sauce with this meal is absolutely amazing! HelloFresh called it a lemony pan sauce. It was more like delicious pan sauce! 

Overall, I think if you have a discount code you should try HelloFresh! If you don’t, it’s pretty expensive. All of these meals were super easy to make and the directions are easy to follow. It is very convenient that they send you everything you need. You don’t have to do any shopping. 

If you already cook everyday than this is for you. If you like to make a game time decision on dinner, this isn’t. All the ingredients are fresh so you have to eat them pretty quick. As a single girl, sometimes I just crave pizza and don’t want to cook! 

If you want to try it, let me know! I can send you a discount code! Unfortunately, HelloFresh is not making or paying me to say any of this.