Baked Dairy Free Crab Rangoon

I am trying to cut back on the dairy and it is hard to find dairy free items that actually taste good. I have found some cream cheese that pretty much tastes the same so I knew I could make my favorite Chinese appetizer! I found a lot of different variations of the recipe so I kind of just made up my own based on the ones I read. Recipe below.


1 can of crab meat

4 oz, Tofuti Cream Cheese

1/8 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp Worchestershire sauce

Green onion, cut up small

Wonton wrappers


1. Mix crab meat, cream cheese, garlic powder, Worchestershire sauce, and green onion in a bowl.

2. Fill wonton wrappers with the mixture.

3. Bake on 425 for 12-14 mins. or until brown.

I think I needed to add more cream cheese because it tasted a bit too crabby, but if you are into that then you are good! The dairy free cream cheese didn’t make it taste any different than the kind you get at your favorite Chinese restaurant. I still prefer the kind that is fried, but these were still good! 

For my first try, I think I came pretty close to the real thing. I didn’t put green onion in mine so if you don’t like them it is safe to leave out.