Friday Finds – – Strainer Spoon

I have been encouraged to expand my blog and one suggestion was to do a “Friday Finds” post on a fun or interesting kitchen gadget.

Today’s Friday Find is this awesome strainer spoon!


It really is perfect for straining small amounts. I am one person in my household and I don’t eat enough green beans at one sitting to need a normal strainer. This spoon is perfect to scoop out my green beans! It doesn’t have to be used for green beans, but I haven’t used it for anything else. I am sure it would be perfect for stirring pasta too because then when you are trying to decide if it is done, the water will strain out and you can taste the pasta. I wonder if I am the only one that tries the pasta to see if it is done.

You can find it at Home Goods if you are interested in this spoon and it was very cheap! I believe it was only $5. You can also purchase on Amazon here: http://Joseph Joseph Large Scoop Colander, Grey