Slow Cooker Ravioli

At work on Friday, we had an international cuisine potluck. Everything was so good and I tried some new things and I am still alive! Well for my dish, I made slow cooker ravioli. It is so easy to put together. this is perfect for having to put something together last minute. You also won’t have to wait in line in the kitchen to use the microwave with everyone else. Recipe below!


Frozen Ravioli

Can of Pasta Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese


Pour in pasta sauce into crock pot to coat the bottom of the pot.

Add in your ravioli. Let cook for 2 1/2 hours. (I cooked it on low for an hour, put it on high for half an hour, and then put it on low to finish it off)

10 minutes before you serve, pour mozzarella cheese on top and let melt!

photo 3 (10)

photo 4 (5)

The final product is delicious! I don’t want to brag, but there was nothing left of my dish at the end of the potluck. You can’t go wrong with ravioli!

Slow Cooker Ravioli